Why Wait? I Want it NOW!

The greatest lesson my mother taught me was how to be patient. Today we live in a society of immediate gratification (I Want it NOW!) Gone are the days when you had dial-up or shockwave and had to wait patiently (for several hours) at your computer screen for one video to load (if you were around in the 90’s, you know what I’m talking about). We live in a new age! A digital age! With one touch, you have access to videos, books, social media updates and the list goes on. We get everything so quick and easy, so why wait?

One of the greatest characteristics of a successful person is patience. When it comes to success, patience is a necessity. Let’s say you want to become an educator. In order to accomplish that goal, you have to practice patience. There is no quick and easy way to become a teacher. You can’t just touch one button and accomplish that goal. The same thing applies to a variety of careers. Regardless of the career you choose, you will have to spend years studying your art form or perfecting your craft. Sometimes you will have sleepless nights but that’s what it takes to become successful.

In our society, we have a false view of success. We see our favorite celebrities and artists and think that they made it big overnight with no struggles, disappointments or setbacks. Because of this, we assume success is easy and attainable to anyone and everyone. We don’t realize that success will never be attainable to us if we don’t  put in the hard work and perseverance that it requires. Success also takes time. There is no empire that was built overnight!

To learn what it really takes to become successful, find out more about your favorite artist through online interviews or by reading their autobiographies.

Here are my suggestions:

Watch how Kevin Hart speaks with Oprah about how he doesn’t believe he’s an overnight success when he’s been working hard for 18 years in the comic business.

Steve Harvey shares how he was homeless and slept in his car for 3 years before getting his big break which was a televised gig at the Apollo Theater.

Beyoncé shares ten tips on success

What do these celebrities have in common? Patience, Perseverance and Hard work! Do you agree?

Blog post written by Michellene Barrett Some Rights Reserved.







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