Why It Takes Failure to Succeed!

It  was one Fall afternoon and Oprah’s LifeClass was on. I turned up the volume when I saw that Steve Harvey was her guest. I remember Steve facing the audience and saying, “I can bet that we (referring to him and Oprah) have failed more times than anyone in this audience because we have attempted so many things. You have no idea what I have attempted and failed.” Steve was talking about how failure is a part of success. The more you fail, the closer you are to success.

I remember at the age of 9, spending the entire summer calling up publishers and asking them if they could publish my story Englisha and David’s Adventurous Vacation. I remember the laughter on the other line, “How old are you?” This might have been my earliest feeling of rejection.

I wanted to be taken seriously as an author. I had typed up my story all 10,000 words and the unthinkable happened. My computer crashed!  Oh I remember crying for days and saying, “I’m never going to be a published author!” But for some strange reason, I did not believe what I was saying. There was a feeling inside of me saying,” Michellene, you can’t give up now! Your story is not in that computer. Your story is in your mind!”

The following year, I began writing again. I tried my best to remember what I had typed up before but also adding new and exciting ideas. Through it all, I learned about passion, perseverance, and faith. I remember Joel Osteen saying, “What would you do if you knew that it would only take 7 failures before you got that one big break?” For one, I wouldn’t be discouraged by the NO’s  because I would be that much closer to a Yes!

Watch the full clip of Steve Harvey’s Life Class with Oprah Winfrey

Tell me what you think! Do you really need failure to succeed?

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